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E. C. Partners is able to create videos for all your specific needs ...



E. C. Partners makes these tutorial video for sme, multinational companies, organizations, associations, foundations: there are  video-guides (eg. for tourism sector); or videos that teach what to do in case of ... (videos for hospitals, for awareness-raising campaigns, due to health problems and to give prevention tips eg mothers with children with diabetes etc.); we have made videos as short lessons online  with dynamic different innovative graphics solutions and e-learning strategies, in multiple languages, to transfer, so even more clearly, sometimes also more satisfactorily, data and information and instructions useful for specific content regarding projects, teams, activities to be done etc.; there are also videos in support of FAQ, useful for companies, institutions, sme, doctors etc. to "educate" employees, or clients, or families, or users of personal websites, for instance video for hospitals to let people (doctors, etc.)  learn which is the proper use of social media, or to employees which is the best application or conduct of business rules , or to let them learn bettere how to respect the laws about safety in the workplace; or to give to employees advices, data etc about  internal communication via video messages to explain easier methods, practices, work mode etc.

If you want to see some of E. C. Partners videos or the E. C. Partners VIMEO channels (sections not open to the public -  many of the videos made are protected - copyright) - please contact E. C. Partners - e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DOCU-VIDEO (for information and awareness-raising campaign; videos for fundraising projects)

E. C. Partners has experience in making videos to document facts, figures, data and information useful for awareness-raising campaigns support, multilingual, and on different themes (medicine - eg. World Day of Rare Diseases, World Day of Blood Donors, eg. reumathology, ortopaedics, diabetics matters; innovation - eco-sustainability solutions, innovative transport solutions, robotics, eg.; volutary projects and fund raising videos - 5x1000; Telethon; associations eg.).

To view some of the videos made by E. C. Partners (many are copyrighted) or the VIMEO channels (videos to be viewed only by password - copyright) of E. C. Partners contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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