COOPERATION: a call for proposals from the European Commission's Single Market - Consumer ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) program is now open. Grants are awarded to provide financial contributions to ADR entities designated by the Member States of the European Union pursuant to the ADR Directive (Directive 2013/11 / EU) in order to facilitate consumer access to effective alternative dispute resolution bodies and efficient, including awareness raising, the protection of vulnerable consumers, the networking of ADR entities at national and EU level, cooperation with national law enforcement bodies, the use of transparent digital tools and good governance. The aim is to raise awareness among consumers, to identify dishonest traders, to create a level playing field for professionals who respect Community legislation on consumer protection. Projects for the implementation of ADR networks can be co-financed and costs for the organization of meetings, conferences, development of common tools and common knowledge to improve networking and sharing of best practices at national, regional or European Union level can be covered. Costs may be covered for the management of consumer-to-business dispute cases, including IT tools, e.g. online migration of the case management process to facilitate better and faster screening and assessment, communication with parties of disputes, case monitoring, automatic translation. Costs for staff training courses on European legislation on the subject, tutoring, study visits, data sharing with other stakeholders and consultancy can be covered to allow ADR bodies to implement working methods and organizational models to best carry out their mission. ; projects for the prototyping or purchase of tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) to assist and simplify the decision-making process; projects for carrying out statistical analysis of consumer complaints and requests to determine common problems. ADR projects with registered offices in the individual states of the European Union can submit projects. Each proposal can be presented either by a single entity or by a consortium. The call has a budget of one million euros and each approved project can obtain a maximum coverage of ninety percent with a maximum contribution of 60 thousand euros. Proposals requesting a contribution of less than five thousand euros are not accepted. The deadline is July 5, 2022.

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Date: April 5-7, 2022 




since 4 April 2022 you can register for the free B2B event organized by the EEN network of the European Commission within the international event ISEC 2022 - Conference for renewable heating and cooling in integrated urban and industrial energy systems. ISEC 2022, organized by AEE INTEC, proposes itself as a promoter of innovative ideas in the sectors of renewable energy systems and resource efficiency and aims to be a forum for research, industry and energy policy. With this ISEC 2022 we intend to contribute to the challenges and a forum for research, business and energy policy is foreseen. The Enterprise Europe Network organizes meetings for businesses called B2B Talks during ISEC 2022.



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Content:  an expression of interest for the mapping of settlement and investment opportunities in Lombardy is open until 31 March 2023. The initiative is aimed at mapping settlement opportunities and urban development projects in Lombardy to expand the Lombard territorial offer currently present on the Invest in Lombardy site for the benefit of Italian and foreign operators and investors. The subject of the applications are building areas and existing buildings;
strategic redevelopment and / or urban development projects for the area. Individual or aggregate municipalities, Union of Municipalities, Mountain Communities, Provinces and Metropolitan City of Milan can apply, highlighting the areas that may be of interest to Italian and foreign companies.


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 5 July 2022 


Content: you can join a European call for information and awareness campaigns on the risks of illegal migration (ref. AMIF-2022-TF1-AG-INFO). Projects concerning information and awareness campaigns on the risks of illegal migration aimed at third countries and to be carried out in third countries of origin and transit along the main migration routes to the European Union are co-financed by the FAMI-Fund Asylum, Migration and Integration of the European Commission. , in particular the Eastern, Central and Western Mediterranean routes, the Western Balkans and the Silk Road. Countries such as Algeria, Bangladesh, Gambia, Iraq, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Tunisia and Turkey are of particular interest. Regional campaigns aimed at more than one third country along the migration routes are also co-financed. The themes are those of the prevention of irregular migration and the risks of trafficking in migrants.


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